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Bill of Materials (BOM) preferably in Excel format should contain the following:

  • customer's part number
  • manufacturer's part numbers 
  • component descriptions
  • quantities
  • reference designators (locations)
  • the BOM should also indicate any “no load” locations

Data/File Requirements:

CAD files (ODB++ or ASCII format preferred); If CAD files are not available a component placement list (CPL) in electronic format can be used and must contain the following:  X/Y centroid location, rotation, reference designator, and board side (top/bottom).  We prefer the CPL to be in Excel or CSV (comma-separated values) format.

Gerbers in 274x format.

Drawings of the finished assembly with orientation and polarity of all components. Include detail of any critical components, and specify the build chemistry such as RoHS or non-RoHS, etc.

If you have questions please contact us via our Contact Us form or call us at 303-444-0111.