New Product Introduction:

All new customers and every new product is released to our manufacturing floor only after successfully going through our configuration change management process. 

Prototype Services:

  • Proof of your PCB design before ramping to production
  • Robust transition from prototype to production through Copy Exact processes
  • DEK and MyData 100 LXE - Mycronic 200 pick-and-place machine, Mycronic Towers
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Turnkey or consigned assembly ensures a speed to market solution.
  • Leading edge packages, i.e. 01005, BGA, Micro BGA, CGA, and LGA etc.
  • 2D X-ray capabilities – 3D available

SMT Production Services:

  • Design for manufacturing and design for testability
  • DEK, Samsung and Micronic pick and place machines
  • In-line aqueous cleaning system with DI water closed-loop filtering
  • Leading-edge packages i.e. 01005, BGA, Micro BGA, CGA, and LGA etc.
  • Turn-key or consigned assembly ensures a speed to market solution
  • Automated optical inspection on each line
  • 2D X-ray capabilities – 3D available

Through-Hole Services:

  • Automated radial, DIP and axial insertion machines
  • Contact Systems semi-automatic insertion machines
  • Slide-line technology
  • Selective wave soldering system with RoHS and leaded solder capability
  • Lead-free and leaded wave soldering systems

Box Build Integration:

  • Our goal through HLA (higher Level Assembly) is to provide our customers the time and engineering resources to focus on their core competencies of design and innovation of new products. When we perform box build and final test we are often dock to stock for the customer.

Engineering & Test Development Support:

  • Along with our in-house partners we can provide design engineering services
  • Our experienced engineering partners can take your specs and run with the project, work in a hands-on collaboration effort with your team, or provide consulting services at any stage of electronics product development
  • With over 30 years of printed circuit board experience, they have the knowledge and resources to guide your PCB or flex board design through the manufacturing process right the first time saving you time and money.
  • We also provide functional and in-circuit test solutions with our local test partners

Supply Chain Management:

  • Premier's supply chain organization is focused on procuring  turnkey parts at the lowest cost and on time. Utilizing years of experience the team has established key relationships with Distributors and OEM’s. These relationships have resulted in Premier being able to establish Kanban stocking arrangements with our Distributor partners. By utilizing state of the art ERP software from ProfitKeyTM we are able to provide accurate inventory control and traceability that is needed for the aerospace and medical industry. Our Procurement team also utilizes Silicon Experts tm which has a data base of 250 million electronic parts that allows Buyers to determine stocking availability, end of life status, counterfeit part probability and data sheets within a few key strokes.

Program Management:

  • We use a program management approach for servicing our entire customer base. Each program manager is a technical asset for you and is responsible for all project requirements.